Banana Boat

Funfest’s ‘Banana Boat Ride’ for those who are thirsty for travel in the tourist city of Cox’s Bazar.
Cox’s Bazar is one of the favorite places for travel lovers. Cox’s Bazar, the world’s largest beach, attracts thousands of tourists every year.
But looking at the sea, how long the sea waves count? To give the extreme level of entertainment, to cut the monotony of entertainment and to make the memorable journey thrilling, travel thirsty people are leaning towards different types of sea sports rides.

One of them is Funfest’s “Banana Boat Ride”. This is basically a ride. Here tourists are taken by boat to the vast waters of the sea. The boat is called ‘Banana Boat’ because it looks like a banana.

Tourists wearing life jackets are tied to the boat with a rope and taken to the chest of the vast sea by speed boat. Tourists can enjoy the pleasure of floating like a fish in this thrilling journey, enjoying the huge waves of the sea. This experience of crossing the vast ocean is never to be forgotten.
The experience of this banana boat will take you to Funfest Beach in Cox’s Bazar again and again.
Those who come to Cox’s Bazar will enjoy this ‘Banana Boat Ride’ at least once.